"An osteopath reasons from his knowledge of anatomy. He compares the work of the abnormal body with the normal body."

— AT Still, D.O.

About Osteopathy

What is Osteopathy?

  • A doctor of osteopathy is a fully licensed physician whose training includes all aspects of medicine and surgery.

  • There are 59,000 osteopaths in the country today.  Most function as primary care physicians or provide care within the various medical specialties.

  • Osteopaths complete 4 years of coursework, then a year internship at an approved teaching hospital.  After this, most will go on to another 1-5 years of additional training in a residency program of their choice. 

  • While most osteopaths are family physicians or provide care within various medical specialties, some choose to focus their practice on a more traditional hands-on approach. 

  • Osteopaths are unique. In addition to the usual medical curriculum of medicine and surgery, osteopathic physicians receive training in manual medicine. Osteopaths use manual medicine to diagnose and treat bodily function through the body’s structure.

  • Osteopaths recognize that all body systems function in unison and that a disturbance in one system may alter function in another.

  • Osteopathy recognizes the interdependence of all parts of the human body, and acknowledges the inherent wisdom within each patient and the body’s natural tendency toward health.  It also recognizes body structure and its relationship to body function.

  • Currently one in six physicians graduating from medical school is an osteopathic physician.

For more information go to www.osteopathic.org, www.academyofosteopathy.org