"We believe that we have the innate capacity to heal, that the body functions as a Whole, that structure and function are one form of activity, that the Divine is indwelling, that Life moves beyond death"

— James Jealous, D.O.


Biodynamic Osteopathy & Dr. James Jealous

Biodynamics is not necessarily a new idea in the field of osteopathy.  It is simply a clarification and deepening of our understanding of  Dr. Sutherlands and Dr. Stills work as well as the work of many osteopaths before him.

Dr. Jealous emphasized that osteopathy is not a set of techniques, but rather a philosophy that acknowledges a higher wisdom at work.

In the biodynamic model of osteopathy diagnosis involves observation and direct relationship with the natural rhythms of the body; this guides the physician to understand what is “normal” and what is not. Treatment is done simply by using very subtle therapeutic forces to bring balance to form and function which helps to facilitate the body’s own self- healing forces. It seems subtle at first, but these self-healing forces are so potent that the treatment often requires very little application of force by the physician.

In the biomechanical model of osteopathy:

  • Diagnosis and treatment is focused on the lesion which is simply a region of restricted motion that results in illness or disease. 

  • The patient is seen as fragmented parts

  • The treatment is done by applying some sort of force, whether gross or subtle, to achieve resolution of the symptom. 

In the biodynamic model of osteopathy:

  • There are no separate aspects of the body, only the WHOLE.   

  • Diagnosis is not about palpation. It is about observation and direct relationship with natural laws at work.

  • The forces of Primary Respiration are so potent that treatment often requires no application of external force. It is about health, not disease

  • Within the biodynamic model there is no “problem.” Injury or disease is just the body’s way of communicating to us that there is some sort of imbalance in the system.

  • Treatment is facilitated simply by being in direct relation relationship with Primary Respiration as it gives rise to form and function. Through this relationship space is created for healing to occur.

Biodynamic osteopathy is a subtle yet profound treatment process.  It requires an understanding of anatomy and physiology, and relies heavily on a foundation in western medicine

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