"Most over the counter and almost all prescribed drug treatments merely mask the symptoms or in some way alter the way organs or systems such as the circulatory system work. Drugs almost never deal with the reasons why these problems exist."

— John R. Lee, M.D.


Mesotherapy is a natural medicine technique that is commonly used for acute and chronic pain conditions as well as other general medical conditions. It is effective for many conditions because it helps to resolve the underlying imbalance that is causing them in the first place. Mesotherapy involves very superficial skin injections. The specific medicines used in the injection depend on the condition being treated. Typically natural herbal or homeopathic remedies are used. In this office we use a variety of injectable homeopathic remedies to address various conditions such as inflammation, swelling, muscle pain or nerve pain. One of the primary benefits of mesotherapy is that it allows the physician to deliver the remedies directly to the area of the body that is affected.

Example: a patient came in with arthritic pain and swelling in the joints of her thumbs. This was limiting her ability to do many things. Mesotherapy was performed using two homeopathic remedies, one for arthritis and one for inflammation. Her thumb pain was gone within a few minutes and remained gone for 2 months. We had to repeat the therapy at that time and she has been pain free since then.

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