"I have had both eyes open all the time to find a defect in nature's work, its plan, its object, its specifications, its building and it's engineering; so far I have failed to find a variation from perfection"

— Andrew Taylor Still, D.O.

Neural Therapy: How it Works

How does Neural Therapy work?
Neural therapy is based on the theory that trauma can produce “interference fields” which are long standing disturbances in the electrochemical function of tissues and nerves. Interference fields can be caused by trauma, inflammation, injuries, infection, surgeries, wounds, or even emotional trauma. These interference fields disturb the function of the autonomic (or automatic) nervous system, creating electrical disturbances that interrupt normal body physiology. These disturbances can result in chronic pain or other health issues that are seemingly unrelated to the original trauma.

Example: a patient had a whiplash injury many years ago. She went to physical therapy for the neck pain which resolved over a few months. However, the injury resulted in an interference field that created an electrical disturbance through the autonomic nerves that influence the lungs. This had an impact on the normal functioning of her lungs and over time this diminished lung function resulted in chronic asthma. Therefore, to resolve this patients’ asthma, we had to treat the underlying interference field caused by the whiplash injury. In doing so the lungs could function normally again. We did not just treat the symptoms of asthma, but were able to eliminate it.