"Medical practice must be inspired with soul and be filled with understanding and equipped with the gift of keen observation; these together with accurate scientific knowledge are the indispensable requisites for proficient medical practice."

~ Maimonides,

Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a gentle yet powerful healing technique used to diagnose and treat medical conditions that have been otherwise difficult or resistant treatment. It is a comprehensive modality that works to bring about healing through the autonomic (or automatic) nervous system. Neural therapy is commonly used for the treatment of chronic pain but is also frequently used for a wide variety of other conditions such as headaches, carpal tunnel, asthma, vertigo, digestion problems, anxiety, chronic sinusitis, allergies and many others.

Neural therapy:

  • promotes the body’s own natural healing ability by returning normal function to injured tissues

  • is useful for treating acute or chronic problems, often very quickly with long lasting results

  • is useful for conditions that have been resistant to other treatment

  • is a very safe and conservative therapy, with very little chance of side effects
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What to expect:
Neural therapy involves the injection of tiny amounts of procaine into very specific sites on the body as a means of correcting these “interference fields”. Most of these injections are in skin, scars, muscle, trigger points, accupuncture points, ganglia and other tissues. Procaine is safe, relatively free of side effects and is broken down and eliminated from the body very rapidly. When use correctly neural therapy offers a very safe and effective tool for the treatment of a wide variety of acute acute injury or illness, and chronic conditions that have been resistant to treatment.