"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity."

— Hippocrates

Scar Deactivation

Scar deactivation is a modality that may be used to treat acute or chronic pain or other illness. Scars from injury or surgery can disrupt normal electrical activity through the autonomic (or automatic) nervous system and cause a disruption in normal body physiology. Scars may also result in an increased pulling or tension in the skin, fascia or other tissue around them preventing these layers of tissue to move freely. This may cause pain around the scar, but may also result in discomfort or illness that is seemingly unrelated to the scar itself.

Example: a patient came in with chronic severe mid back pain that was present for 2 years. X-rays and MRI were normal. He saw several specialists, tried physical therapy, massage, and epidural injections for pain relief but nothing worked. His medical history included a lower back surgery several years before. During his first appointment the scar from the lumbar surgery was deactivated. By that night his mid back pain was gone and has not returned since then.

Scar deactivation helps to restore normal function to the affected tissues and nerves allowing normal function to return. Scar deactivation involves the injection of small amounts of procaine (the numbing medicine commonly used in dental offices) into the scar itself. It is a very simple, relatively pain free process. It is not unusual to see rapid relief of chronic conditions using this modality.