"Normal is motion without tension; neutrality; wholeness; the capacity for change."

— James Jealous, D.O.


-Dr Nani has helped me repeatedly with pain, fatigue, mental health issues, actually curing my neck, back and hand pain
~ JA

-Beginning with my very first appointment I experienced pain reduction in a decades old problem with my low back. Each follow-up appointment brought deeper whole-body relaxation and centeredness.  Dr. Nani's approach is unique and the results are wonderful!  
~ HA

She is a wonderful healer. ~ LG

Excellent service and attention to all of my needs. I felt taken care of. ~TS

Dr. Nani is dedicated and intuitive. Her treatments have improved my health dramatically. ~ BN

Thank you Dr. Nani, your thorough approach and care is always consistent. I continue experiencing vast improvement which increases the quality of my active life.
~ PE

Dr. Nani is an extraordinary and extremely intuitive diagnostician and physician. She is compassionate and insightful and was able to determine the source of a long standing illness.
I first consulted Dr. Nani in 2011 for chronic and recurring episodes of pneumonia and bronchitis over the prior 7 years. Each episode was getting progressively worse, requiring more and stronger antibiotics and a breathing machine for a period of weeks during which I would be incapacitated. An evaluation at UC Davis Pulmonary Center was inconclusive and they couldn't give me any definitive answers.
Beginning with my first visit to Dr. Nani and receiving the procaine injections, my breathing and respiratory system improved dramatically. For the first time in many years, I was able to take long, deep, cleansing breaths and thus began a steady improvement to my overall heath and well-being. She began treating me for other injuries I had sustained to my head, neck and back from a long ago accident and greatly improved my movement, range of motion and flexibility.
I am very grateful and appreciative that we have access to a physician of her stature and experience who can offer an alternative to taking prescription medication and adjusting to a decline in our overall heath. Her goal is to restore your body to a sense of balance and well-being and it has dramatically improved the quality of my life.
~ G, female, 66 years old, Nevada City

As an elderly person, I sought the help of Dr. Stephanie Nani for pain control. She is a sensitive, caring doctor and I am fortunate to recieve medical treatment from her.
~W.C. Grass Valley, CA

I am 88 years old and could no longer take mortrin or celebres for arthiritis pain. Dr. Nani has treated me for pain control for 18 months and I have not taken any medication for pain during that time.
~V. C. Grass Valley, CA

“Dr. Nani is outstanding. I had tried physical therapy, epidural steroid shots, acupuncture and conventional medicines but continued to have severe back pain for almost 2 years. I still can’t believe the relief she has given me.”
~ RT

“I’m being treated by Dr. Stephanie Nani for chronic neck and back pain that I’ve had for 50 years from a car wreck. She is definitely helping me and I would highly recommend Dr. Nani to anyone suffering from chronic pain.”

“Dr. Nani is not what I had expected. She is a whole lot better! Very personable, frank, professional, concise if need be and to top it off a very nice person!”
~ GH

“I always have help, and with much less pain”
~ AN

“Dr. Nani is intuitive and seemed to know just what treatment my body needed to heal and repair. I am so grateful to have found her.”
~ JT

“Dr. Stephanie Nani has helped me tremendously, she gave me hope to lead a less painful life. I’ve been giving out her business cards and telling local folks about her.”
~ TJ

“Dr. Nani came highly recommended and now I know why. Professional, compassionate, and great communication skills. I am 60 and for the firt time I look forward to seeing a doctor.”
~ LR

“Dr. Nani is wonderful, I recommend her all the time!” -
~ FS

“I experienced Dr. Nani as professional, personable, knowledgeable, credible and therefore easy to trust with my care. I appreciate the time she took to explain her recommendations
for me and the additional web resources. Plus she goes the
extra mile.” -
~ Kathleen

“Very impactful work” -
~ JE

~ RW

“Thank you Dr. Nani, you are a true healer”
~ Anonymous